The Story of the Gods Gift
The known king Narmer had a dream to unify Egypt and save it from separation and protect it from external threats, He tried to gather the scattered tribal elders along the Nile river, but not all have the same dream.

After many attempts to reach a common ground with them he failed, and he knew that the ancient gods must intervene.

He prayed to (Ra) the mighty god of the sun for 72 days offering any sacrifice to be given to make his dream come true.

In the 73rd day, Narmer has awakened by strong winds and great sounds to find (Horus) the sky protector and the ancient god of war. His voice rumbles the walls saying "Nermer, my son the mighty (Ra) heard your voice and felt your intent and gave me steel from the sun to craft a great lethal sword, the earth didn't and will not witness anything powerful than it. shall be used only by one of the royal family. Anyone will accept the gift he has to sacrifice 10 years of his life to Anubis the underworld keeper and the god of death to feed the sword." Nermer accepted the gift and by Horus's sword, he fought against any tribes which had a dark intent to divide the Egyptian land. And became the unifier of Egypt and the founder of the First Dynasty.

The year 2020
An Explorer found an ancient papyrus revealing the location of the tomb where the Horus's Sword hidden.

Does He have royal blood or he will be burned by the sun flames curse ,,,

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